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International Agency sport dedicated to the representation of players and soccer coaches , counseling and marketing . Contact

Representation of playerscomprehensive service for career management footballers

Representation of coachesRepresentation soccer coaches in teams from around the world

Sports marketingWe help build an appropriate personal image to increase its recognition

AdviceComprehensive advice to our constituents and first level support in legal and financial areas

Experencia en el mundo del fútbol - JEP Sports Management

Extensive experience in the world of football

Our extensive experience in the world of football provides us with the necessary market knowledge to operate locally, nationally and internationally, and the ability to identify potential opportunities for career growth of our customers.

Besides being experts in the representation of players and coaches first level, we also support the young hopefuls , so we provide them the way football clubs most appropriate for their skills and offer them a personalized service tailored to their special needs for optimal development of their talents and thus gain access to the professional leagues.

JEP Sports Management

Experience in all necessary areas to be able to devote himself exclusively to grow footballing.

Attracting players

The basis of the work in JEP Sports Management is an excellent perception to identify talents.

Representation of players

Comprehensive service management footballers racing to our customers to focus solely on their performance on the field.

Search clubs for players

JEP Sports Management has a network of contacts in Football clubs in Spain and abroad.

Negotiations national and international contracts

Our qualified team has the knowledge and diplomacy necessary to achieve agreements that guarantee better contractual terms for all stakeholders.

Financial and legal advice

Advice and first level support in legal and financial areas, ensuring the safety of our customers

Marketing and planning football career

Build an appropriate personal image to increase its recognition in the media and support them with finding the best business opportunities for your extra income


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