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¿Why choose us?

JEP Sports Management is dedicated to the representation of football coaches in teams from around the world, managing their sporting and economic interests from the first steps in this sport until the end of his career. JEP Sports Management works in Spain and projects its international presence in close collaboration with individuals and companies operating in those countries enjoying a deep football tradition throughout the international arena from Europe through the Middle East, and expanding networks to South America ( Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and others) and the emerging markets of Asia, such as Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries.

Our mission

This work of representation is not limited to the management of transfers, but involves comprehensive advice to coach in all aspects it may need throughout his career: financial advice, tax, legal, and even image management and communication by a prestigious team of highly qualified professionals who make a commitment to JEPSM with high quality service to their constituents as possible.

What do?

JEP Sports Management operates in the market under the most scrupulous legality thanks to its multiple licenses RFEF (Affiliated to FIFA and UEFA) for police trainers in addition to strictly comply with the rules of other sports associations .

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