Tests for players

Football opportunities for all

¿Why choose us?

JEP Sports Management we like to give football opportunities for all, and therefore, each year, we organize a tests for players and choose the best talents to bring their representation and get them the best football offers they deserve. If you are a footballer without representative and looking for a good Football opportunity , sign up for our tests. The requirements are as follows.

Our mission

We seek to represent players. Players have to be free agents, and a high level of play. Tests will be conducted shortly. Registration 150€ in advance and by bank transfer (only shortlisted).

What do?

Tests will be conducted in the Barcelona schedule will be the second half of August 2015 .The selected will sign an exclusive contract for 2 years with our agency. Ensure high-level deals, refrain those who can not or will not pay the 150 € registration.

Form for pre-selection

If you are interested in testing, fill in the following form preselection. The profiles that fit us, the contact for the next steps. If you do not hear it is that you have not passed the preselection and therefore can not perform the tests.

It is important that the form has been completed as fully as possible. It helps the possibility of having some video or references in clubs.
If you have Internet video (youtube, google video, ... etc.) or website, do not forget to leave us your address.
Receive a response only if reciprocal interest by the Agency.
Thanks for your time!